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CODA (Consumer Data Analysis) is a data analytics tool developed for FMCG and Retail sector with an aim to refine, define and analyse huge amount of data

CODA helps you to understand

  • Brand and competition's market share
  • Numeric distribution
  • Category and Sub-category in-depth analysis
  • Top performing stores and SKU's
  • Trend analysis
  • NPD performance
  • Pricing analysis
  • Promotion performances with sales uplift
  • Geographic trends and performance
  • Store formats analysis
  • Outlet share with share of shelf tracking

CODA Move is a mobile application developed to support the field sales team to document their field visits. CODA Move will help them to optimize their route map and help managers to keep track of their team

These are some of the KPI’s which you will be able to track using CODA Move

  • No of invoices
  • Total invoice per executive
  • No of store visits
  • Frequency of visits
  • Retailers covered
  • Daily visit trends
  • Time spent per store
  • Non-visited store list
  • Route map
  • Planogram checks
  • Shelf share tracking

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