IOT & Automation

Submarine Insights develop real-time IT automation platform designed to centrally manage and orchestrate tasks and processes across hybrid IT environments - from on-premises to the cloud.


The challenge with these innovations is that different types of automation do not naturally communicate. They are not even aware of each other, much less the supporting workforce. Getting maximum results within the distribution center requires collaboration and orchestration of every single asset so they can work together - automation, robotics and people.

Coordination across discrete and individual pieces of advanced automation and sensor technology in the store or in the warehouse only gets more powerful when those systems are connected to, and aware of, each other. Learn how solutions like Submarine Insights Active Omni and Submarine Insights Active Warehouse Management seamlessly integrate and manage IoT and automation.

Behavioral Analysis & Motivational Theory

The Self Determination Theory postulates that all humans desire the freedom to own our future and determine the path of our success. We want to be good at something and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. And we want to do it together, with others who can share in our victories and defeats


Submarine Insights solutions are now prioritizing and optimizing metrics like recognition, feedback, happiness, personal growth, satisfaction, wellness, ambassadorship, relationships with managers, relationship with co-workers and alignment with the company. Cultivating these attributes requires more than simply reviewing raw performance data and finding the low performers. It requires unlearning what we think we know and activating a new approach to an old problem.

Learn more about how Submarine Insights Active Labor Management is using embedded gamification to create a whole new era of increased employee engagement.

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